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Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Look for the answers to the following questions using the resources presented during the Orientation to Library Media enter. Do each section after the presentation of that particular resource.

Destiny Quest catalog

  1. How many books do we have about famous tennis players? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­
  2. How many books do we have by John Grisham?
  3. How many fiction books do we have that take place in France?
  4. Who is the author of the book The Schwa Was Here?
  5. When was the book The Book Thief published?
  6. Can you search the catalog without signing in? yes or no?
  7. What would you use the List feature for?
  8. Why are there virtual shelves?

Student Resources in Context database

  1. What is the name of the main character in Arthur Miller’s All My Sons?
  2. What is Gandhi’s full name?
  3. Name one of the two researchers who won a Nobel Prize for their work in Diabetes Research.
  4. How many Diary Entries are in Primary Sources in Student Resources in Context?
  5. What is the average life expectancy in Nepal?
  6. When was the portrait of Queen Elizabeth I that has a brown background painted?
  7. Locate a Diary Entry for a woman who rode on a wagon train to settle the great American West. What is her name?

Discovery Education video streaming

  1. What is the home page for your Discovery Education account called?
  2. How many full videos are there on Discovery Education for information about volcanoes?
  3. How many different images are there that have Christopher Columbus in them?
  4. When does the encyclopedia article on Christopher Columbus say he made his first trading voyage?
  5. Where would you find an assignment from a teacher?
  6. What 4 things can you do with an item once you’ve decided you probably want to use it?
  7. If you want to give a presentation about what you have found out about and present it?