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Have no fear. To gain a general understanding the mechanics of how to compose a citation, use resources on special websites dedicated to helping you do it. They sometimes include online citation generators to actually put one together for you. You just enter the publication information and it constructs the citation.

Sometimes, they allow you to collect a list of your resources, then generate a complete bibliography or works cited page. A "Bibliography" is simply a list of all the resources you consulted in the process of researching your topic. A "Works Cited" page is a list of only those resources that you have cited for particular quotes or concepts within the text of your paper.

At Saddlebrook Prep, the faculty has made a general policy of using the MLA (Modern Language Association) citation style, but you should follow your teacher's instructions.

Popular Citation Generators

EasyBib MLA Citation Guide EasyBib MLA Citation Generator
EasyBib APA Citation Guide

BibMe Citation Guide BibMe Citation Generator
North Carolina State University's Citation Builder - APA, MLA and Chicago style citations

NoodleBib Express or NoodleBib MLA Starter

Cite Fast citation generator for APA, MLA and Chicago style citations

Zotero Citation and Bibliographic Management
Eastern Michigan Zotero Guide

OSLIS Citation Maker for elementary students (MLA)
OSLIS Citation Maker for secondary students

Citation Guides

Purdue University's Online Writing Lab - MLA Style and Formatting Guide
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab- APA Style and Formatting Guide
University of Wisconsin's Writer's Handbook - MLA Documentation Guide

Sample MLA Works Cited Page:

MLA_Works_Cited_page.gif Word 2007 Formatting Help for Citations

If you want some help formatting your research paper, go to this tutorial from Georgia Southern University: