Databases are Valuable Resources
A database is a collection of data; information stored, typically in electronic format. It may contain bibliographic, numerical or other data, generally structured so that it can be sought and retrieved automatically. (from

Typically, databases are collections for particular types of resources. They specialize in an academic subject area, a certain type of media, materials for a special purpose, or resources for a particular segment of the population, for example.

Infotrac - Student Resources in Context

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Saddlebrook Prep subscribes to a premier research database from Gale Cengage that is designed for schools. It offers an excellent collection of thousands of journal articles, biographies, reference materials, primary sources, and media. Students can log into the database by going to and entering our school ID "wesl38374" and password."sbpreader."


Other Free Databases

Databases are available online through the Florida Electronic Library and Florida public libraries. The Florida Electronic Library does not require an ID or password, but the public libraries require that you have a library card to use their databases remotely.

The Florida Electronic Library

Our state offers a collection of databases online at
When you visit the web site, it will recognize your computer as located in Florida and allow you access to the databases without any special login credentials.

For a complete list of its resources that would be most helpful, open this document

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Pasco County Libraries

The county libraries offer the databases below, and they are accessible at