Instead of wandering all over the web using search engines and getting a mountain of good and bad sources of information that you have to sift through, why not use a directory or subject index that lists decent websites that have already been collected by reputable authorities?

Librarians and other professionals offer collections of good quality websites that are categorized in different ways. Use this faster way to find information without wading through lists and lists of search results from search engines.

Finding Dulcinea
Web Guides and a Subject Index to the Internet

Websites are recommended based on personal review, not technology. As explained on the website:
"FindingDulcinea presents only credible, high-quality and trustworthy Web sites, saving time for the novice and the experienced user alike. Each piece, whether a Web Guide, a Beyond the Headlines story or a Netcetera article, receives the same meticulous research. The Web sites included in each piece are connected through original narrative, providing users with information on each site before they even click on it."

Internet Public Library
Websites are reviewed by librarians and recommended as authoritative sources of information.

IPL2 Resources by Subject


IPL2 Newspapers and Magazines


IPL2 Special Collections


Yahoo! Directory
Yahoo's collections of websites organized by subject area.