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Play "A Google a Day"

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News Flash! Use The Verbatim Tool

Google has changed its default search methodology in regards to search terms. It automatically searches for synonyms of the search terms, unless you use the Verbatim feature. You have to use it in order to limit your search to exactly the terms you've entered in the Search Box. Click on the More Search Tools option in the left sidebar, then click on Verbatim to apply the limiter to your search.
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select "More Search Tools" option above-------- Then, click on "Verbatim"

Basic Search Help

Most of the time, you'll find exactly what you're looking for with just a basic query (the word or phrase you search for). However, these tips can help you make the most of your searches

More Search Help

The Basic search help article covers all the most common issues, but sometimes you need a little bit more power. This document will highlight the more advanced features of Google Web Search. Use Google Advanced Search to use filters for the most specific results.

Google Search Features

Here is where you can explore a wide range of Google Search features. You can find different categories, such as Research or Fast Facts, to find new ways to search for information and get answers. Go ahead and start exploring.

Search Results Options

If you want to filter and customize the search results you see, use the options along the side of the results page. For example, you can choose to just see blogs updated within the last 24 hours or photos of a certain size.

Site Specific Searches

You can use special searches (called operators) to find pages that are similar to or link to a specific URL

Google Extras

There's a lot more that Google can do for you than that one little box...Try some of the links on the poster or go to Joyce Valenza's collection of Google tools at Only2Clicks There, you'll find a comprehensive collection of her favorites. Join the website if you need to do so before taking advantage of the links to great resources.

Google Docs Research Tool

Google Lessons

Master Lesson 0: Intro to Browsers & the Web view slides

  • the difference between a browser and a search engine
  • the different parts of a URL
  • the most common keyboard tricks
Master Lesson 1: Search Basics view slides
  • an overview of how search engines work
  • reading and understanding the search engine homepage and the results page
  • some features specific to Google
  • techniques to help you pick the best keywords for your search
  • keyboard shortcuts
Master Lesson 2: Advanced Search, Visualization, and Query Formulation view slides
  • builds upon basic search skills
  • long-form questions
  • synonym control
  • disambiguation
  • searching for context terms
  • the Advanced Search page
  • search history
  • which words do and don't matter in your query.
Master Lesson 3: The Left-Hand Panel view slides
  • Google's different search corpora
    • Images
    • Videos
    • Books
    • Places and more
  • Google Scholar, Google Trends, and Google Squared.
Master Lesson 4: Credibility view slides
  • how to know if a website is credible
  • how to decide what to believe on the internet
  • how credibility is shaped by your own biases and beliefs
  • the tricks and traps of "truth" on the web
Master Lesson 5: Technical Tools for Search view slides
  • technical tools
  • more about the different Google corpora
  • making use of advanced tools like Google Scholar
and Google Maps.

How Google Works Infographic

If you can't see the entire infographic, click on it and you'll go to the web page for it.

How Does Google Work?

Infographic by PPCBlog

Inside Search: How it Works

How It Works

Google Presentations