School Rules:

  1. Being disrespectful of other people and school property.
  2. Wearing hats, chewing gum, or using cell phones, iPods or earphones.
  3. Eating food, leaving trash, or reshelving items to the incorrect place (just leave them neatly stacked on a table).
  4. Drinking anything other than water or from a container that cannot be closed to prevent spillage.
  5. Wearing clothing that does not conform to Student Handbook standards.
  6. Bringing sports equipment to classrooms or the Media Center.

Library Media Center Rules:

  1. Bothering other students who are trying to study or read.
  2. Failing to check out resources or fill out the manual checkout form before taking them out of the Media Center.
  3. Moving furniture or equipment without returning it to its proper place.
  4. Habitually keeping resources beyond their due date.
  5. Destroying or damaging books.
  6. Misusing or abusing furnishings.
  7. Losing books or failing to return them before their due date.

Use the Internet Inappropriately:

The following activities will result in a loss of Internet privileges. They are all common sense rules, so use your common sense and you'll be fine.

  1. Revealing your User ID and Password to others or gaining access to another person's ID and/or Password.
  2. Using profanity, obscenity, or rude language.
  3. Downloading or uploading pirated or illegal software in violation of copyright law.
  4. Posting personal communications or pictures from someone else without their consent.
  5. Using the school's network for financial gain, commercial, or illegal activities.
  6. Using the school network for personal or private business purposes, as well as political lobbying, without special permission from the media specialist.
  7. Uploading or creating computer viruses, which is considered a criminal offense.
  8. Destroying or modifying school data or committing any form of vandalism.
  9. Developing programs that harass other users or infiltrate other computers or computing devices.
  10. Sending hate mail, chain letters, harassment, discriminatory remarks, or other antisocial online behaviors.
  11. Accessing or processing pornographic material, inappropriate text files, or files dangerous to the Saddlebrook network.
  12. Using fake names or pseudonyms.
  13. Playing games, using chat programs , social networking, or Skype calling over the Internet, unless previously authorized by a teacher.
  14. Using school equipment to log on to other networks or bulletin board systems, local or remote, that have not been approved by a teacher.
  15. Activities in violation of state or federal law.