The Library Media Center is open to students, faculty, administrators, and parents from 7:15 am to 12:30 pm every school day. Students can visit to print a document, study, return / renew books, check out a book or magazine, or get help with research from the library media specialist.

Teachers bring classes to the library media center for an orientation to our resources, both print and digital. They also visit for information literacy instruction, working on research assignments, to learn how to perform a particular technology skill, to find a good book or magazine to read, or to collaborate with others on a project.

Bibliographies, Mediographies & Webographies

The Media Specialist will assist teachers and students with gathering resources for projects or to supplement curricular materials. Whether it's print, digital, audio or video resources you need, let Mrs. Bushong know how she can help.

Research (Information Literacy) Instruction

Information Literacy is now considered a core competency for successful students of the 21st century. These skills are necessary to becoming lifelong learners. When students come in to do research as a class, they will learn how to plan research, find resources, access relevant information, and use what they find to share the information with others responsibly. Coordinating instruction with class assignments makes the process even more effective and meaningful.

Who, Me Read?

It is sad to say, but many students have been cheated out of the joy of reading. As a result, they may not have not been exposed to high quality writing, exercised their memory to recall characters and plots, expanded their range of life experiences and ideas, or stimulated their curiosity about the world by reading fiction and nonfiction.

Reading for information on a computer screen does not lead to accomplished reading or research skills. Additionally, good readers make good writers. Those abilities will be important in the future, whether students choose an athletic, academic, professional or vocational career.

In an effort to boost reading interest, this wiki will suggest good books, solicit student reviews of them, and build a culture of actively reading many types of materials. A person who dislikes reading just hasn't found the right thing to read! It might be magazines about tennis, maybe a biography of an athlete or explorer, maybe a mystery of foreign intrigue, maybe a book about animals or the ocean or the spies of World War II. Let's hope that students will try something new to read and not give up or give in to apathy. The student-athletes of Saddlebrook are all competitors, so the goal is for them to compete with themselves and rise to the challenge of reading a little every day.

Special Events

Programming for the library media center could include competitions, activities, and exhibits. Perhaps a Poetry Jam, Musical Performance, Art Demonstration, or a Lecture by a leading figure in a particularly interesting field would appeal to people. If students express an interest in something, there is probably a way to do it. Use the Happenings page to find out about events or discuss ideas.

It is difficult for Saddlebrook students to visit the media center on their own, but many things can be done with today's technology that do not require being physically present. "Battle of the Books" is a way to compete on knowledge of a particular book. "One Book" involves the entire learning community reading the same book and discussing it. Students might enjoy the sharing their writing or book reviews by using this wiki.

How about a field trip to the University of South Florida's Library? Seniors, especially, would benefit from visiting a college library. Let Mrs. Bushong know if any of these ideas or others interest you.

Requests and Feedback

Would you like a particular book to be added to the collection? Do you have a complaint or question about the Library Media Center? How do you think we can improve the programming or services offered there? Go to the Requests and Feedback page or send Mrs. Bushong an email at cbushong@saddlebrook.com.