Research Models are organized ways to go about doing research. They give you a roadmap to follow and help make the research process more efficient. Take a look at these two: FINDS and the Big6.

FINDS: Florida Research Process Model


Focus on the information need

What is my assignment or the information problem to be solved?
What are my questions and/or thesis sentence?
What types of information will be needed?
How will I organize my search plan?
What keywords and alternate search terms would be best for my topic?
What search terminology and techniques should I use?

Investigate resources to look for an answer

What criteria should I use to evaluate and select the information sources?
Where are the sources located and what information does each source provide?
Where is the information within each source and how do I locate it?
What problems am I having in finding information and how do I solve these problems?
How can I find what I need and respect the rights of others to equal access to information?

Note and evaluate facts

What criteria should I use to evaluate the information I found?
Does the information I found relate to my topic and questions?
How do I take notes so that they are in my own words?
Which facts do I need to create a citation for each source?
Do I have facts from all points of view on my topic?
Do I have the information I need and is my research complete?

Develop information into knowledge for presentation

How should I present the information to best share what I learned with others?
How do I organize the notes for my final presentation?
Have I analyzed and used the information effectively?
Are my conclusions based on the research evidence?
How do I organize my citations into a bibliography and what format will I use?
How do I integrate technology to enrich, publish, or present my project?

Score presentation and search

What criteria will I use to judge my product?
Did I present the information in the best way?
Was my research process efficient and effective?
How could I improve my search process next time?
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Curious Cat Research Organizer

Use theCurious Cate Research Organizer to help you through the process.

The Big6

Click on Full-Screen to see the full size handout.

The Big6 Website

The Big6 Kids Website will lead you through the research process. There are Elementary, Middle, and High School tracks to follow.

"Big6" is trademarked by Michael B. Eisenberg and Robert E. Berkowitz, © 1987.