There's research, and then there's RESEARCH. Doing it well means developing the skills it takes to find the best information for your need and do it efficiently.

Academic research demands high quality information. It must be accurate, current, and reliable. Looking for a bit of trivia to satisfy your personal curiosity or a casual need for information does not require such care. If you want to find the best information in the least amount of time and accomplish your research in an organized, effective way, try the following tutorials and reference materials.

21st Century Information Fluency

Research Models

Big6 Research Models

FINDS Research Model


All the Information in the Known Universe

- an animated and sound-enhanced research process tutorial from the Kentucky Virtual Library

Route 21

Navigating the Research Highway

Noodle Tools Modules

  • Noodle Tools Information Source Evaluation Modules

Research Skill-building Help


- online activity to help you understand Boolean Searching

Building Blocks of Information Literacy

Conducting Research

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing

Paraphrasing: Say it in Your Own Words