Our Collection
The Library Media Center is not a warehouse of dusty old books for nerds and bookworms. It is a place where everyone can explore new ideas, find information, compare cultures, understand new concepts, enjoy a good story and stimulate their curiosity. It is a quiet place to study or read, meet, work on a group project, watch a video or TV program, pursue new interests, and learn how to search for information on the Internet or using a database.

Print Resources


There are currently about 3600 books in our collection, including Reference, Nonfiction, Biographies, some ESOL materials, Fiction for younger readers, and Fiction for young adults. Since this library is used by students from 3rd grade up to 12th grade, many of whom come from foreign countries, there is a wide variety of materials serving a wide range of reading levels and interests.

Destiny Quest

All teachers and students have online access to our catalog of books and media that may be borrowed from the library media center. Make a personal list for yourself; put items on hold; renew materials that are overdue. Features include adding "friends" to your account so that you can share reviews or send messages to them. Go to Destiny Media Catalog (This link will only work if you are not on a teacher's desk computer. Teachers should use the link from the Renweb or Saddlebrook Prep home pages). You will need a login ID and password from the Media Specialist to make lists or renew items, but you can search the catalog without logging in. For help using Destiny Quest, use the ? button in the right-hand corner of the screen, or look through our Destiny Help page here on the wiki.


Saddlebrook subscribes to 13 print magazines that include educational, business, news, sports, and a Spanish language publication. Recent issues are displayed and back issues for the last year or so are passed on to teachers for their classrooms. Teachers and responsible students may manually check out magazines overnight.

Professional Resources

Curricular materials and education-related professional development resources for teachers are kept on shelves next to the biographies, at the end of the nonfiction.

Nonprint Resources

Student Resources in Context (Infotrac) research database

This is the first place students should go to do their research for assignments. A comprehensive collection of published full-text articles, essays, biographies, primary documents, photographs, maps, audio files, and more is available here. Go to Infotrac - Student Resources in Context

DVDs and VHS tapes

Teachers use multimedia materials to supplement class materials, so we have a selection of about 300 videotapes and DVDs dealing with history, geography, mathematics, social studies and sciences. In addition, there are movies that relate to literature, biographies, and popular movies for young people that tell a story in a different way than a book does.

Discovery Education Streaming

It is impossible to buy and store the incredible variety of educational video materials we want to have available, so we have subscribed to a video streaming service from Discovery Education. Teachers and students are able to access videos on educational topics online. Teachers may project them for classroom viewing to supplement text materials. It is especially valuable when teachers want to show only a short clip of relevant material.