Student Computers in the Library Media Center

There are two desktop computers available in the Library Media Center for student use. They are PCs and have MS Office applications on them, as well as Internet browsers. The school research database, Student Resources in Context, is also easily accessed here.

Students are welcome to save documents, spreadsheets, or PowerPoint presentations on these computers or send their work via their personal email accounts to themselves, so that they can access it again from home, print it off from the media center printer,or send it to a teacher, for example.

Students may also use their personal laptops and wireless access to the Internet from the Media Center, the dorms, or anywhere on campus. There are electrical outlets available from the tables in the Media Center, as well as in the lounge area.

Printing to the Library Media Center Printer

All students may print to the Media Center printer, an HP LaserJet 4000. It is a black-and-white laser printer to which print jobs can be sent from the student PCs in the Media Center or their laptops on campus, including the dorms. Students are not charged for printing but should take care not to accidentally print an extremely long job.

Students may also print wirelessly to this computer from their laptops, but they must be configured by adding this printer to their list of available printing locations. Instructions for doing so on a PC are posted on a sign near the printer, or Mrs. Bushong can help you do it. Students may also access instructions here.. Mac configuration must be modified, but is generally easy to do. Once configured, laptops may send printing jobs wirelessly from anywhere on campus or from the dorms. Students may then drop in quickly before school, between classes or during lunch to retrieve their documents.

Technology Tools

Go to the Tech Tools for Students page for some great ways to take advantage of free tools on the Internet.


All students at Saddlebrook Prep must use Windows compatible software. Apple Macs already have word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software loaded on them, but they are not compatible with Windows. So, if you've got an Apple Mac laptop, you must also get Windows Office for Mac software in order to create documents that teachers will be able to open and read on a Windows PC. Open Office software is free (available at does not create documents that are readable by Windows software, either, even though the user can read other people's Windows based documents. Documents can be saved in Windows formats, however, so if you know what you're doing, it might work out.

Everyone who has a laptop should be sure they have downloaded the following free software: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Shockwave (from, Apple Quicktime (from
Java for Windows is also very important (from Apple supplies their own version of Java. Their advice is to “use the Software Update feature (available on the Apple menu) to check that you have the most up-to-date version of Java for your Mac.Keep these up to date, too, so when you are notified that there is an updated version, download it. Otherwise, you won't be able to view some web pages or media files.

Downloadapedia is an extended library of freeware, shareware and commercial software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. You will find the best commercial all sorts of applications. Remember, all your documents must be compatible with Microsoft Office.

Using the Internet

Go to the Internet Smarts page to find out about the Internet and how to protect yourself while using it.

Microsoft Help

Microsoft Office Support includes help with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook on Windows computers

For help with Office for Mac software, go to:

Learning Word 2011 for MacWord for Mac Help & Training

PowerPoint for Mac Help & Training

Apple Mac Help

Excel for Mac Help & Training

Essential Research Apps